From the South EAST coast of Portsmouth came a musical gifted genius by the name of SKINNY TALLSS. Now living in Bristol city and bringing his distinctive vibe thats cool calm and steeze. full of lyrical flow patterns, packed with content rhythmical word play and signature slurs. SKINNYTALLSS is quickly building his name to a multi talented artist that is much more than just a rapper. DELUDETHEHASHMAN  production power house and all-round beat master, finding g the rarest samples in the world flipping them to create a deep dark dusky loop that unique with the most craziest punchy slap boxing boom bap drums. already dropped a few projects but see his first E.P drop soon on O.R records self produced written and record by himself makes SKINNY TALLSS AKA DELUDETHEHASHMAN a triple threat and one to definitely watch for because he always working.