ILLINFORMED Is Prolific uk hip-hop heavyweight one that comes with international stars and stripes.working with Everybody who anybody, Known for his signature sound one that is filled with punchy crisp drums, accompanied by that gloom and doom instrumentation of keys, chords ,Brass percussion and strings which sounds sample based like that generational golden era of Hip-Hop. But these are not all sampled, in fact mostly played in on Midi Keyboards and Protools. ILLINFORMED’s relentless work ethic and unmatched drive seen him work with USA artist such as M.O.P, Inspectah Deck, Q-unique, Ill Bill, Goretex, Subtex and Sabac Red. His production has also featured such artists Vinnie Paz, Ras Kass, Bumpy Knuckles, Onyx, KRS-1, Apathy, JLove, and Tragedy Khadafi that just to name a few.

In terms of Uk Hip-Hop Underground scene ILLINFORMED Has Become a real Pioneer and enervator for the culture. working with Near enough the whole scene from Fliptrix, GAZA GLOCK, WISH MASTER, Dutch Mob, lee scott, verb T, jack jetson, Datkid, sonny jim, Gee Bag, Res One, Seng Peng, Leaf Dog, BVA, Verb T, Fliptrix, Smellington Piff, Jack Jetson, Jam Baxter, Split Prophets, JMan, Tony Broke, Bill Shakes, Lee Scott, Bang On,Dirty Dike , OAB, Sean Peng, Eric the Red, Stinkin Slumrok, Physiks, Cheech, & Cracker Jon. This truly solidifies and cements his spot as a true Hip-Hop Dr and connoisseur of the culture and profession. With ILLINFORMED comes with at least a decade of experience
and A Ton of energy.