BAILEYS BROWN has been a staple part of the uk scene for a long time now, thanks to a string of solo releases and collaborations, which has cemented his position as one of the most innovative producers this country has to offer. The Bristol-based producer is asset to the city and a tough one to pigeonhole, thanks to the diverse range of genres and sounds. over the years has been the the brains behind a number of solid releases that span across multiple styles, including boom bap, grime, neo soul and glitchy waves of joy that reduced to be confined to a specific genre. He has worked with a number of notable UK rap entities over the years, with Lee Scott, Black Josh, Datkid and Split Prophets all benefiting from his production.

AXEL HOLY the BAILEYS BROWNS Alter Ego see’s him transform from beat production monster, to a word smith assassin with plenty rhymes of complex simplicity packed with metaphors and syllables. With such energetically vibrant stage presence, wordplay and Heaters make the don a triple threat.