Coming deep from the depths of the South West Formerly known as Bewbonik the wordsmith, (Split Prophets) Reincarnated to become 0079 who is a beat machine and bass giant. 0079 also makes up one-half of Bristol-based prolific rap/producer duo DEDW8 With BAILEYS BROWN. With having releases on crucial records, potent funk, DEEP MEDI, and Split prophets, also having features from likes of OPUS, EMZ, WISH MASTER, and Conway The Machine it is clear 0079 is a Producer one that can’t be contained and thinks outside the box. such a melodic Dr and professor of synthesized sounds, that are laced with airy gloomy of rhythmical mayhem. versatility comes second nature to 0079 as he plays with beats and sounds with tempo‚Äôs from 65 bpm all the way to 140. With sounds that are vibrant, electrifying, Dark but very technical making it all almost impossible to stop taking in. His ridged sounds and waves display massive heaps of energy in abundance, The vibe is raw unmatched, and one you can only find on the journey with 0079.